2018 Annual Conference

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eSignRecords 2018 Agenda

The Digital Mortgage Revolution: The Five Things You Need to Know Today

Midterm Election Review and What it Means to Technology

Legal Year in Review

Notarization in the Digital Age: The Evolution of Remote Online Notarization

ESRA Standard 1: Electronic Signature and Record Processing Requirements

Success Story: National E-Signature Deployment

Privacy Panel

Case Study: How Instacart Sped Revenue Growth by Revolutionizing Contractor Onboarding

Building a Digital Accessibility Program in Your Enterprise

The Race to Digital: Overcoming the Past to Win in the Future

Whose (Phone) Line is it Anyway? Authentication Fraud Trends and Treatments

Beyond Signatures: Embracing High Velocity Contract Acceptance

Not So Fast: Challenges for Blockchain in Highly Regulated Environments