ESRA promotes the awareness, understanding, and adoption of eSignatures and eRecords while providing a collective voice to the business community and government. ESRA members are influential, policy-defining advocates for electronic signatures and records in global commerce and government.

The ESRA community collaborates to explore similar interests and goals to help establish a common understanding of legislation and trends needed for important business conversations involving eSignatures and eRecords.

ESRA membership helps you streamline business processes, increase ROI, and save time and money by empowering you to digitally transform your business. With your membership, you’ll receive everything you need to succeed.

  1. Gain access to our experienced thought leaders
  2. Get your questions answered
  3. Obtain information and insight that will help you digitally transform your business
  4. Receive education that will empower you and enable professional growth
  5. Advocate for policies in Washington DC that move digital transactions forward
  6. Make your voice heard

Membership in ESRA is open to ALL types of organizations and trade associations.

If your organization powers, is powered by, or utilizes electronic signatures and records, becoming a member of ESRA will help both yourself and the organization move the global economy forward!

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