Membership Benefits

ESRA promotes the awareness, understanding, and adoption of electronic signatures and records while providing a collective voice to the business community and government. ESRA members are influential, policy-defining advocates for electronic signatures and records in global commerce and government. The ESRA community collaborates to explore similar interests and goals to help establish a common understanding of legislation and trends needed for important business conversations involving e-signatures and e-records.

If your organization powers, is powered by, or utilizes electronic signatures and records, becoming a member of ESRA helps you and the organization move the global economy forward.

Membership in ESRA is open to all types of organizations and trade associations. With every membership there will be a designated official representative, but other member employees are welcome to participate in association activities.

Annual fees per organization are $2,500 for general membership, or $1,000 for associations; there are no other fees for membership. ESRA’s membership fees are used to fund legislative and industry educational events, research studies, and other pertinent programs.