2020 Education Webinar Series

ESRA Digital 2020 Education Series

The Education Series will provide insight and practical guidance on the business, technology, and legal implementation issues across a wide spectrum of applications. These issues are of critical importance even more during this time of social distancing, remote work, and contactless consumer engagement.

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  • Digital Transformation in Automotive Selling & Lending

    Advancements in Paperless Processing for dealers, buyers, lenders, and DMVs.

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  • Be As ‘e’ As You Can Be:  Mortgage eClosings in the age of COVID-19 and RON

    Mortgage originators have been moving toward eClosings for many years now, but the pandemic has greatly accelerated their adoption in order to offer borrowers all possible options for minimal- or no-contact closings. This webinar explains how Remote Online Notarization can be used in mortgage eClosings, and the key details lenders need to know about “eEligibility” at the county, state, investor and underwriter levels to ensure success.

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  • On-Demand Webinars

  • Technology and Public Policy: Winning Over Skeptics in Power

    It seems that policymakers are always late to recognize technological change. Why is that, and how do we constructively address the problems created by rules and laws that aren’t in step with modern life?

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    – the six “laws” of technology that never change

    – how policymakers and legislatures approach technological change

    – how to (and how not to) influence decisions that affect your business and your life.

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  • Digital Transformation: The New Normal

    With remote work and digital transactions becoming a necessary part of life and business in 2020, digital transformation has exploded across all industries and regions. In this webinar, DocuSign will review recent policy changes being driven by digital transformation, including changes taking effect in the U.S., Singapore, Australia, and the UK., and discuss trends seen in the adoption and expansion of digital agreements globally.

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  • Delivering Fully Compliant Digital Lending Solutions in the COVID-19 Era

    In the COVID-19 era, and the post COVID-19 era, agile development processes are required for truly transformative digital solution development.

    Agile approaches ensure that all strategic internal stakeholders, including legal and compliance, are included in design and development decisions, enabling the rapid deployment of fully compliant remote and contactless lending solutions.  Join this webinar to learn how agile development will accelerate product delivery and provide enterprise-wide adoption of digital lending practices internally and in the marketplace.

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  • Remote Online Notarization: State of Play

    This webinar will give an overview of the current RON landscape from a legislative and regulatory perspective. It will define what true RON is and highlight the differences between true RON and the executive orders that have been issued in light of the pandemic, as well as the importance of having consistent standards and rules nationally. The webinar will also provide a forecast for the 2021 legislative session.

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  • The Future of Biometric Signature Verification

    This webinar will take audiences on a deep dive into the biometric characteristics of handwritten signatures and how these characteristics can be used as part of a robust multi-factor authentication protocol and risk mitigation strategy. The speakers will also share their insights into how signature verification can intersect with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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  • eSign via Text: Accelerate your business with more than one way to eSign

    From start to finish, signing documents via text message is safe, secure, and it’s a seamless experience for your end users. Whether they are signing insurance forms, an intake packet, or HR documents, we ensure their information is protected, and they have a positive experience as well. Hear first-hand how Junior Achievement USA leverages both eSignature and eSign via Text to secure up to 160% more forms returned in less than 24hrs, saving 10-60 hours per month.

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  • 2020 Legal Year in Review

    Consumers and businesses all expect to transact digitally in today’s high-tech world. To stay competitive, companies are constantly striving to digitally transform every aspect of their business. This requires careful planning to ensure regulatory compliance, smooth integrations with existing systems, and a positive customer experience. Speakers will review 2020-enacted federal and state laws and regulatory activities, fresh judicial precedents, and other important issues and considerations you need to know when planning your digital offerings, as well as insights and trends for 2021.

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  • Hindsight is 2020: A focus on eMortgage Technology and how it was Tested

    A look back at how the most unprecedented times in modern history pushed eMortgage technologies to the forefront of the mortgage industry and how they not only survived but thrived.

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  • ESIGN Day

    The Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act with a webinar that featured key ESRA leaders who contributed to the development of the ESIGN Act. They discussed key components of the Act, how it provides a national legal framework for electronic signatures and transactions, what has changed since 2000, and how ESRA works towards a trusted digital economy for all.

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