ESRA Digital 2021 Education Series

The Education Series will provide insight and practical guidance on the business, technology, and legal implementation issues across a wide spectrum of applications. These issues are of critical importance even more during this time of social distancing, remote work, and contactless consumer engagement.

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  • The Future of Accessibility: How Digital Services Create a More Accessible World

    Over the past year and a half digital services have reached new heights. Telemedicine is now on a path to being mainstream, business transactions, court hearings, schooling, job interviews, and more all moved quickly to create accommodations to continue operations in an online world. It is unclear how much of this will remain after the pandemic, but it is clear that digital services are helping to create a more accessible future. Whether you are living with a disability or live in a rural area without public transportation, digital services are a key to making life’s most essential needs more accessible. Join us for a discussion on the future of digital services and what that means for accessibility.

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  • Digital Ink Secure Signing and Self-Sovereign ID

    This session will examine the future of digital ink technologies and how this can be used to deliver the next generation of document management solutions incorporating artificial intelligence, extended reality, blockchain, self-sovereign ID and digital copyright management. Wacom will demonstrate how smart ink technologies can address current operational gaps in the finance, healthcare and education industries.

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