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Public Policy

ESRA creates and communicates its public policy based upon a rigorous process that is led by key innovators in the electronic signature and records field, and voted on by the Board of Directors. This section contains a list of each of our Public Policy statements.

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ESRA Statement of Public Policy: Implications of blockchain technology to electronic signatures and records laws

ESRA recognizes the potential benefits of the development, standardization and deployment of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

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ESRA Recommendation: The ADA and Electronic Signatures

An ESRA recommendation to SaaS or cloud-based e-signature service providers ahead of an expected 2019 DOJ Final Rule on the issue of website accessibility regulations.

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ESRA Statement of Policy: Remote Notarization

ESRA supports state oversight of notarial laws, acknowledges the essential assurances provided by notarial acts, and further believes that these essential assurances can be achieved electronically.

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ESRA’s Public Policy: A 2017 Primer

Public Policy is one of ESRA’s core pursuits. Our current Public Policy leader discusses this in depth.

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ESRA Podcast: Public Policy with Ken Moyle

A discussion of ESRA Public Policy in 2017, featuring Ken Moyle

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ESRA Position on Federal Agency Requirements for Handwritten Signatures (SSA-89)

ESRA seeks a reversal on the SSA’s prohibition of electronic signatures on form SSA-89.

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ESRA Statement of Policy Principles

The Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) is the premier trade association representing organizations that adopt or provide electronic signature and document technology. Our guiding Policy Principles define what our organization represents and seeks to accomplish.

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ESRA Position on Paperless Real Estate Transactions

ESRA supports and encourages the nationwide adoption of fully paperless real estate transactions that consist of eDisclosures, eTransfers of title to real property and securing title insurance, and, if applicable, creating, delivering, executing, registering, securing, notarizing, recording and storing all mortgage loan documentation electronically.

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ESRA Position on paperless mortgage processes

ESRA supports and encourages the nationwide adoption of a paperless mortgage process that consists of creating, delivering, executing, registering, securing and storing all mortgage loan documentation electronically.

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ESRA Position on Uniform State Laws

ESRA supports the uniform implementation of e-Signature statutes such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

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