Current ESRA Workgroups

Remote Online Notary (RON) Vendor Caucus – The Vendor RON Caucus group was formed almost two years ago to allow RON Vendors to work in unison to impact rule, regulations, standards or processes that would impact a Vendor’s ability to continue to be efficient when delivering the best eNotarization experience for it’s customers.  There have been several proposed rules that could negatively impact a Vendor and by working as” One Voice” to challenge proposed concepts, we help the industry embrace adoption.

We found a home under the ESRA umbrella to coordinate monthly meetings and discuss Industry related interest and decide how our group can add value in the eNotarization space.  We currently have the top 21 Vendors as part of the group and are welcoming to other Vendors should they want to join ESRA and be a part of the RON Vendor Caucus Group.

e-Titling – supporting the electronic process that tracks a vehicle from the time it comes off a manufacturer’s lot with a certificate of origin, which is the first document associated with it, then through different dealerships and then a first title when it’s sold.

Model Legislation for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Documents

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