November 14-16, 2023


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Schedule of Events

Tuesday, Nov. 15

3 p.m., ET

Board Meeting

5 p.m., ET

Welcome Reception

Wednesday, Nov. 16

7:30 a.m., ET

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 a.m., ET

Opening Remarks

Margo Tank | DLA Piper

8:35 a.m., ET

Chairman Remarks

Kevin Quaile | Wells Fargo

8:45 a.m., ET


9:45 a.m., ET

Morning Break

10 a.m., ET

Legal Year in Review
Join Margo Tank and David Whitaker, from DLA Piper, for their annual round-up of key legal developments affecting electronic signatures and records.
Highlights this year will include:
• New regulatory guidance from the FTC, DOJ, CFPB, FinCen and others covering a wide range of topics, including ADA compliance and activities related to crypto-assets
• Update on new laws and regulations concerning remote online notarization
• A review of key judicial decisions

Margo Tank | DLA Piper and David Whitaker | DLA Piper

11 a.m., ET

“Are we there yet”? Where are we on our journey to eMortgages and the next stop.

We have been on this Digital Mortgage transformation journey for over two decades. Have we reached the end of our trip yet? Join our group of drivers and look at where we are headed next and do we have enough gas to get there? Are we traveling smoothly or are we simply coasting along? Let’s take a trip together and discuss the state of the trip so far and where we are headed next in our quest to reach the final destination!

Michael Cafferky | Fannie Mae
Carmelo Bramante | Ginnie Mae
Nancy Pratt | Black Knight Financial Services – Moderator
Rachael Sokolowski | Magnolia Technologies

12: p.m., ET

Lunch/Annual Meeting Town Hall

1 p.m., ET

Digital Identification Systems: Human Rights Implications
This presentation will provide an overview of centralized v. decentralized approaches, a description of emerging human rights abuses, human rights design solutions, and World Bank involvement.
"Electronic signature and notarization capabilities are fundamental to exercising fundamental human rights in the information age."
"I approach electronic signature and notarization topics from legal, policy, business, and human rights perspectives."

Tim Reiniger | eNotaryLog
Digital Identity Law and Policy

2 p.m., ET

Current State of eSignature Adoption
Ever since the passage of UETA & ESIGN, the industry has talked about the advantages of complete digital transactions. Twenty-two years have passed and we now believe there are enough primary factors that will finally drive mainstream adoption. This session will discuss some of those influences and factors that is driving this change and why now is the environment is ripe for mainstream adoption.

Moderator -Tim Anderson | Evolve Mortgage Services
Kevin Park | IAAI
Nancy G Pratt | Black Knight
Jason Streit | SimplySecure Sign
Rachael Sokolowski | Magnolia Technologies

3 p.m., ET

Networking Break

3:15 p.m., ET

Conversation with DMV/AAMVA

Alacia Moore | VA DMV
Madison Lumpkin | DMV
Paul Steier | AAMVA

4:15 p.m., ET

Interstate Recognition and Reciprocity Agreements

Kevin Park | IAAI

5:30 p.m., ET

Networking Reception

Thursday, Nov. 17

8 a.m., ET

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9 a.m., ET

Identity Assurance Overview
IA is responsible for the authentication, authorization and access (A3) enterprise capabilities, policies and processes to support the secure delivery of data and services across customer contact channels. We develop the A3 strategies, facilitate collaborative decision-making, provide analytics and coordinate with A3 stakeholders to identify and implement solutions.

Angela Gartland | IRS
Imraan Khakoo | IRS

10 a.m., ET

Real-World Blockchain Solutions for Business
Many businesses struggle to understand the value and competitive advantages that distributed ledger and Web3 technologies can bring to their organization and customers. In this session we will put crypto-currencies aside and talk about real-world business solutions that are built with decentralized technologies. This session will cover solutions that drive profitability through tokenization of real-world assets, managing supply chains, creating circular economies, and supporting sustainability.

Andrew Gastwirth | DLA Piper

11 a.m., ET

Networking Break

11:15 a.m., ET

Consent, Intent, & Identity: Evaluating the Forensic Reliability of eSignature Solutions
In the two decades since the passage of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, a wide range of legally acceptable approaches to eSignature solutions have been developed. A key component of an eSignature is determining the identity of the signatory. There are two approaches to securing identity: extrinsic or biometric. Under the extrinsic approach, the proof of identity that connects the signatory to the transaction lies outside the signatory, connected instead by external infrastructure, and is therefore subject to decoupling. Under the biometric approach, the proof of identity is fundamentally linked to the signatory and not subject to decoupling. This session will explore this concept and evaluate various eSignature solutions in terms of their forensic reliability to identify a signatory from the perspective of a Forensic Document Examiner.

Kevin Kulbacki | KDX Forensic Consulting

12:15 p.m., ET

Roundtable Lunch

1 p.m., ET

New UCC Article 12 – Its Purpose, Provisions and Potential Impact
During its meeting this past July, the Uniform Law Commission approved the Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code (2022), which are now recommended for enactment by the states. The Amendments, if adopted by the states, would both create a new Article 12 of the UCC (UCC Article 12) and revise other, related provisions of the UCC – especially in Article 9. The Amendments are wide ranging and cover a variety of topics and issues. This session will focus on the provisions of the Amendments, and particularly UCC Article 12, that address gaps in existing law governing the transfer of property rights (including both ownership rights and security interests) in certain assets that consist of, or are evidenced by, electronic records.
Key topics include:
• The perceived deficiencies in existing law and how the Amendments address them
• New rules for obtaining a super-priority property interest in certain types of digital assets, including electronic promissory notes – even if the notes don’t qualify as transferable records under ESIGN or the UETA
• Modernizing the rules for transfer and control of electronic chattel paper
• Choice-of-law issues that may complicate taking advantage of the Amendments in the short term

Margo Tank and David Whitaker | DLA Piper
Stephen Bisbee | Wolters Kluwer - Moderator

2:15 p.m., ET

RON and SECURE Act Updates

Marc Aronson | Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
Nancy Pratt | Black Knight Financial Services

3:30 p.m., ET

Networking Break

4 p.m., ET

Understanding Mobile Identity

Mike McCaskill | AAMVA

4:45 p.m., ET

Wrap-up and Thank You

Margo Tank | DLA Piper

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