Electronic Signatures and Records power the modern digital revolution.

The world is changing thanks to electronic signatures and digital records, but with each legal and technical advance, much work remains to be done. ESRA guides government, public, and private organizations through digital transformation initiatives and spearheads the promotion of secure, mobile, and binding electronic signatures and records around the world.

eSignRecords Conference 2016

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ESRA Board members set the tone on electronic signatures and digital records

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e-Signatures and Digital Records in the Automobile Financing Industry: Progress, yet far to go

Auto industry experts discuss the past, present, and future of e-signatures in the automobile industry

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reading the word identity on computer screen with a magnifying glass internet security

Online Identity: The experts discuss what you need to know

ESRA gathered four industry experts to discuss the implications of online identity and their relationship to electronic signatures and records.

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Businessman tearing the word Disability for Ability

ADA Digital Compliance: What Every Company Needs to Know

Field experts discuss how companies can digitally comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act to empower their employees and customers.

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ESRA Conference

How Electronic Signatures and Records Power the new Alternative Lending Marketplace

A leader in the nascent alternative lending marketplace describes the huge impact that electronic signatures and records have made in the industry.

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ESRA in Action – Important Precedents for Paperless Mortgages

Two recent court rulings have laid important groundwork for wider adoption of electronic mortgage technology that will improve customer experience for borrowers – and save lenders and servicers a bundle.

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UETA: A View from the Bench

One of the world’s most foremost authorities on electronic signatures and records analyzes the current state of the ongoing digital revolution

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ESRA Summer Meeting 2016 - Rocky Mountains

Announcing the 2016 ESRA Summer Meeting

We invite you to attend and be part of the conversation at the upcoming annual Summer Member Meeting on Wednesday, August 3rd in Denver, CO.

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ESRA Board members represent industry leaders

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