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Electronic Signatures and Records power the modern digital revolution.

The world is changing thanks to electronic signatures and digital records, but with each legal and technical advance, much work remains to be done. ESRA guides government, public, and private organizations through digital transformation initiatives and spearheads the promotion of secure, mobile, and binding electronic signatures and records around the world.

Opinion: Regulatory overhaul ordered at U.S. Treasury should consider Dynamic Disclosures

Dynamic disclosures would give consumers a clearer idea of their financial position, writes ESRA counsel


eSignature Legal Trends – 2016 Year in Review

Experts Margo Tank, David Whitaker, and Ken Moyle look at the important legal cases in the eSignature world from 2016

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Podcast: eMortgages in 2017

Industry expert Harry Gardner discusses the current state of eMortgages.

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ESRA – Forging new standards

ESRA has begun work to create standard for electronically signed documents for the benefit of organizations around the globe

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ESRA Public Policy podcast with Ken Moyle

A discussion of ESRA Public Policy in 2017, featuring Ken Moyle

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Bringing Notaries into the Digital Age

A wide-ranging discussion with a noted eNotary expert

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Our 2017 Winter Meeting agenda is final – will you be there?

The 2017 ESRA Winter Meeting is fast approaching, and the agenda is all set.

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The path to mass adoption of electronic signatures

Electronic signature usage has grown exponentially over the past few years – with massive room to grow

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Indiana notary bill passes without remote notarization language

Secretary of state says she still supports the idea for future legislation

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ESRA Position on Federal Agency Requirements for Handwritten Signatures (SSA-89)

ESRA seeks a reversal on the SSA’s prohibition of electronic signatures on form SSA-89.

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The past, present, of future of eNotary

The history of electronic notary is examined with expert Marc Aronson.

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A look back: ESRA examines the CFPB e-closing Pilot

ESRA examines the results of the 2015 CFPB pilot program, and where we’re heading in 2017.

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Biometric Authentication: Evolution and Legal Considerations

ESRA Board of Director member and USAA executive Curt Moy, an expert in the field of Biometric Authentication, spoke at length about the definition, evolution, and legal considerations of this transformative technology.

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Michael Laurie

Digital Transaction Management with eSignLive’s Michael Laurie

Incoming ESRA Vice Chair Michael Laurie joins outgoing ESRA Vice Chair Richard Grisham to discuss Digital Transaction Management and Digital Trusts.

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10 steps to implementing a Cross-Enterprise Platform for e-signatures and digital records

Two industry leaders discuss rolling out a cross-enterprise solution for electronic records and signatures across a global business.

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ESRA Statement of Policy Principles

The Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) is the premier trade association representing organizations that adopt or provide electronic signature and document technology. Our guiding Policy Principles define what our organization represents ... Read Here

ESRA Conference

ESRA 2016 – A year in review

ESRA Chairman John Levy joins ESRA Vice Chair Richard Grisham to look at ESRA’s 2016 year in review.

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eSignRecords2016: That’s a wrap!

ESRA’s annual conference was a smashing success in the heart of the nation’s capital

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Mobile Implementation of Electronic Signature – The Experts Speak

ESRA experts gather to discuss the history, challenges, successes, and how to keep up with ever-changing technology of mobile electronic signatures

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In The News: ESRA helps California legislature better enable electronic signatures

A new California law – helped into existence by members of ESRA – marks a huge step forward for electronic signatures in the state and beyond

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Previewing eSignRecords 2016 – An interview with John Levy and Rich Grisham

ESRA Chairman John Levy joins ESRA Vice Chair Richard Grisham to preview eSignRecords2016, the highly-regarded conference that highlights industry innovators and policymakers.

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Digital Transaction Management: A New Standard in the Works

Industry experts discuss the path forward for Digital Transaction management, and whether or not the concept of ‘xDTM’ can and will gain traction in the marketplace.

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Remembering eSignRecords2015: A video montage

Highlights from the landmark 2015 eSignRecords conference.

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Data Security and Cyber Risk: What You Need to Know

ESRA gathers security experts together to discuss the important points that impact virtually every industry, government, and legal entity across the globe.

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How Blockchains and Master Keys Could be the Future of Identity

ESRA gathers cryptocurrency experts together to discuss the near-term implications of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and identity.

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e-Signatures and Digital Records in the Automobile Financing Industry: Progress, yet far to go

Auto industry experts discuss the past, present, and future of e-signatures in the automobile industry

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Online Identity: The experts discuss what you need to know

ESRA gathered four industry experts to discuss the implications of online identity and their relationship to electronic signatures and records.

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ADA Digital Compliance: What Every Company Needs to Know

Field experts discuss how companies can digitally comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act to empower their employees and customers.

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ESRA Conference

How Electronic Signatures and Records Power the new Alternative Lending Marketplace

A leader in the nascent alternative lending marketplace describes the huge impact that electronic signatures and records have made in the industry.

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ESRA in Action – Important Precedents for Paperless Mortgages

Two recent court rulings have laid important groundwork for wider adoption of electronic mortgage technology that will improve customer experience for borrowers – and save lenders and servicers a bundle.

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UETA: A View from the Bench

One of the world’s most foremost authorities on electronic signatures and records analyzes the current state of the ongoing digital revolution

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ESRA Lobbies in Washington

UETA at 15: A Look Back, a View Forward

A remarkable journey through the ultimate creation of UETA – one of the most fundamentally important events in the ongoing digital revolution – as told by the people that made it happen.

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E-Signature Bootcamp

E-Signatures and E-Records – Boot Camp

What constitutes an electronic signature? What makes an electronic record enforceable? What are some practical ways to implement electronic contracting in a business or government setting? What court precedents have been set regarding electronic signatures ... Read Here

ESRA Conference

This is ESRA

What is ESRA about? Why do we do what we do? Who are the people that make up our organization? This video answers these questions – or, at least, it starts to. Join us to learn more!

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