ESRA Position on eTitling for Vehicles

The titling, lien processing, registering, transferring, remarketing, and disposing of publicly registered vehicles should be electronically enabled. ESRA supports the adoption of interstate and intrastate electronic processes for automating public document processing and transactions, or e-Titling.

Specifically, ESRA supports and encourages:

  • The removal of governmental barriers to e-Titling.
  • The use of electronic technologies and methodologies to promote document processing, authentication, e-signatures, e-notarization, secure transactions, storage, retention and data transfer.
  • The adoption of electronic signatures and records for certifications under the federal Truth in Mileage Act.
  • The adoption of best practices for state initiatives on e-Titling, to enhance scalability and interoperability of these processes between states.
  • The use of electronic authentication methodologies (such as, without limitation, two factor authentication) to ensure the integrity of the process and avoid fraudulent or unauthorized vehicle transactions.
  • Technology-neutral standards that advance, enable, or support document integrity, data security, and the adoption and interoperability of private and government systems.
    ESRA opposes laws or rules that impose higher barriers to e-Title transactions compared to paper title transactions.

Read ESRA’s entire Public Policy Statement on e-Titling for Vehicles here. ESRA eTitling Public Policy Statement