Startup gets backing to bring electronic signatures to Twitter

Newswire: Nov. 18, 2017.

Dateline: New York.

The social media startup lettrs, Inc. has raised $3 million to develop an electronic signature service for Twitter, a feature touted as curbing fake news, spam accounts and troll behavior.

Called a “Twignature,” lettrs has applied for a patent on the concept. The Twignature will function as a verified e-signature on Twitter, increasing trust in the authenticity of brand communications over Twitter. Though Twitter itself has a verification process (the well known blue checkmark), Twignatures would function separately via an app.

That app already is available via iTunes. Twignature uses the biometric capabilities of the iPhone in combination with blockchain distribution principles. The biometric activates a unique number, blockchain ledger and certification for signed Tweets. That signature includes the location and device where it was signed.

Lettrs, Inc. has broadly described future plans that would “notarize” electronic signatures on social networks, a feature that could have functionality with emerging cryptocurrency markets.

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