White Paper: The Case for Handwriting Capture in SaaS eSignature Deployments

The rapid spread of electronic signatures has been largely driven by cloud providers who offer remote signature solutions and easy deployment. However, K6 Partners President and longtime ESRA member Ken Moyle states, the low-friction, cloud-based model suffers from limits on the types of transactions that can be confidently performed online.

To overcome these challenges and expand their businesses, SaaS eSignature providers could benefit from integrating the latest in digital pen technologies.

In this new White Paper from Mr. Moyle, he illustrates:

  • the barriers to click-to-sign technology for high-value and in-person transactions
  • how handwritten electronic signatures can fill the usability and compliance gaps in click-to-sign services
  • how the legal framework for handwritten electronic signatures differs from click-to-sign electronic signatures
  • what advances have been made in digital pen technology & dynamic signature verification

Download the full PDF here