Executives and consumers strongly expect digital business methods, survey shows

Newswire: April 11, 2017.

Dateline: San Francisco.

Research commissioned by DocuSign strongly encourages businesses to no longer view digital methods of doing business as a “nice-to-have,” lest they be viewed by consumers as outdated or likely to lose important records.

Additionally, the findings — contained in an eBook titled What Do Your Customers Expect? — say that most C-level executives expect businesses to offer digital means of completing transactions.

“If companies aren’t already going digital to accelerate the process of doing business internally, they need to do so for their customers,” said Scott Olrich, who joined DocuSign as its chief strategy and marketing officer only the day before the findings were announced. “Today’s consumers demand the ease, speed and convenience of doing business digitally, and if your organization doesn’t, they will find a modern business that does.”

Barriers to modernizing electronic business methods and records keeping show the intertia that consumers are up against in expecting e-signature options, and executives face in getting them implemented. A lack of funding was cited by 46 percent of survey respondents as a barrier to digital adoption. The other 54 percent said their organization needed to modify its infrastructure before implementing conversation.

But the benefits of this undertaking are worth it, argues DocuSign. The survey said 40 percent of consumers responding said they’d had a document lost in the past two years, meaning 62 percent of them do not feel comfortable transmitting important documents by paper.

Additionally, 59 percent of consumers believe organizations using legacy processes are outdated next to their competitors.

The research surveyed 263 C-level executives and 1,000 employees from their companies’ legal, human resources, sales, finance and IT departments.

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