Solution for healthcare providers, by healthcare tech provider, unveiled

Newswire: Feb. 28, 2017.

Dateline: Suffern, N.Y.

MedForce Technologies has announced the launch of an electronic signature tool which it calls the first and only one built specifically for the healthcare industry, by a healthcare technology provider.

In a news release, Medforce said its SignCenter solution is meant to solve an ongoing and complex problem modern healthcare companies face: getting signatures from a wide variety of individuals, using a wide variety of settings, without having to print out documents.

A testimonial from a compliance officer for a medical services provider in Connecticut noted that her business works in six different locations, and also in patient homes. “Before, everything was paper and cumbersome,” said Rachel Kirchner of J&L Medical Services of Connecticut. “Being able to move it to technology, it’s all at my fingertips no matter where I am or what I need.”

MedForce said SignCenter allows providers to direct the signing process, including where and when a document may be signed, whether signers are remote or in-person, using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen.

Nathan Apter, the chief technology officer for Medforce, called existing processes “fragmented [and] costly,” adding that “every step can lead to mistakes, which lead to delays and denials.” SignCenter directly addresses those headaches, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Founded in 1993 as a medical billing service, MedForce Technologies has provided paperless record solutions for healthcare companies since 2002.

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