Adobe rolls out first open-source cloud-based digital signature standards

Newswire: Feb. 22, 2017

Dateline: San Jose, Calif.

Adobe Systems, a member of the Electronic Signature & Records Association, this week revealed the first results from its initiative to build cloud-based digital signatures from an open standard.

Adobe announced that it has now updated its digital signatures platform with the new Cloud Signature Consortium API. It established the Cloud Signature Consortium last year to create a new open-source standard for digital signatures that both met users’ needs and fulfilled strict regulatory obligations.

The Cloud Signature Consortium’s open API has already been released to the public and is open for comment. The CSC open API is used in other APIs to integrate components needed for remote signature solutions established by other service providers and consumers.

“Open standards propel entire industries forward, allowing interoperability between otherwise fragmented solutions, and paving the way for widespread adoption,” Bryan Lamkin, Adobe’s executive vice president and general manager of for digital media, said in a statement.

Additionally, Adobe announced that new capabilities have been added to the Adobe Sign e-signature solution, such as mobile scan-and-sign, mobile tracking, and working directly in SharePoint.

Scan and sign allows users to scan and sign documents with a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile tracking is likewise a smart device widget that allows users to track and manage signatures without having to open the Adobe Sign mobile app.

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