Indiana notary bill passes without remote notarization language

Newswire: Feb. 1, 2017.

Dateline: Indianapolis.

Indiana’s legislature this week passed an amended law regarding public notaries, but it did not include language providing for remote notarization, as some had hoped.

Connie Lawson, the Indiana Secretary of State, said her office supported the amended bill that passed out of committee, and still remained hopeful that future legislation could incorporate remote notarization language.

“Indiana citizens are already able to access these services today from out-of-state notaries,” Lawson said in a statement, “and I am committed to empowering Indiana notaries with reliable technologies to conduct notarizations in a safer, more secure and verifiable manner.”

Lawson added that the lack of remote notarization in the amended bill that passed was not for lack of support of the concept, but because of “the desire to clarify that remote notarization is authorized as an option means for conducting notarizations for those who choose to engage.”

Read Lawson’s full statement here.

(header image: Drew Tarvin/Flickr)