In The News: Hawaii Governor uses e-signature to mark Electronic Records Day

NEWSWIRE:  October 10, 2016


State history was made Monday, October 10, 2016 in Hawaii as Governor David Ige signed the first paperless proclamation.

Ige proclaimed October 10, 2016 as Electronic Records Day in Hawaii by electronically signing the ceremonial proclamation using the State of Hawaii’s eSign Service with a single tap on a Microsoft Surface Pro.  

A year ago the state started using e-signatures to process as many documents electronically as possible, and since then, more than 64,000 electronic transactions have been processed across state departments.  

Archivist Adam Jansen is convinced of the power of electronic signatures.

“There’s no contention over ‘Who has the paper?’ or ‘Do we need to sign multiple copies?’.” he says. “So not only does it reduce the amount of paper, but it also makes it more universally accessible.”

Adobe ResourceSaver Calculator, signing 64,000 documents electronically instead of on paper saves 23,840 pounds of wood, 73,132 gallons of water, and 6,150 pounds of waste.

Read the full article here.

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