In The News: Heart and lung sounds added to electronic health records

NEWSWIRE:  October 3, 2016

DATELINE:  California

A software application and a wireless stethoscope that lets doctors and other providers capture heart and lung sounds that can be uploaded to a patient’s electronic health record has been developed by a pair of healthcare technology companies.

The digital stethoscope developed by Eko Devices Inc. allows physicians to capture heart and lung sounds such as heart murmur or lung congestion through the device. Doctors can then wirelessly transmit the sounds by the stethoscope and a mobile app to an electronic health records system that was developed by Dr. Chrono, a maker of mobile medical record-keeping platforms.

The goal is to provide clinicians with a more accurate picture of how a patient’s lungs and heart are performing than would a written record and medical notes.  Physicians, by listening to actual sounds on a recurring basis, can better track patient performance and look for changes to cardiovascular and respiratory systems, says Dr. Richard Loomis, vice chairman for the Electronic Medical Association and chief medical officer and vice president of informatics at Practice Fusion.

“When the data is collected and sent to their physicians via telemedicine applications and uploaded to an electronic health record, care decisions can be made by a specialist without requiring the patient to be present,” Loomis says. “Care then becomes more efficient and convenient for the patient and providers have the latest information readily available.”

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