In The News: New electronic health record system being launched by HCCA/ TRMC

NEWSWIRE:  October 2, 2016

DATELINE:  Tulare, California

Healthcare Conglomerate Associates/ Tulare Regional Medical Center is taking steps to enhance the health-care services it provides to its patients.  HCCA/ Tulare Regional Medical Center will roll out a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system on October 17, 2016 called Care Team Connect. Care Team Connect is the result of HCCA/TRMC’S partnership with Cerner, who is a leading supplier of health-information technology.  Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory will consolidate into a single platform that is embedded into the framework of the hospital information system.

Care Team Connect will allow HCCA/ TRMC patients to enjoy:

  • Less Hassle and Paperwork:  All hospital and medical offices will share a single system, eliminating multiple points of registration.  
  • One patient record per individual for better and more convenient care:  One comprehensive medical record per individual will be shared at each site.  Patient information will flow seamlessly at all HCCA/ TRMC sites.
  • Patient portal allows access to health records at any time:  Every patient will have the ability to access their new patient portal, MYcare Team Connect, from any internet-connected computer.  Patients can view their important health information, download lab results, check appointments, pay bills, and securely communicate with physicians and their offices.

“Our new electronic health record and CrossChx systems provide increased efficiency, accuracy and ease of access for our patients and providers,” said Kathleen Johnson, VP of Marketing at HCCA/ TRMC.

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