In The News: Reno County Commission approves electronic records system for health department

NEWSWIRE: September 20, 2016
DATELINE: Hutchinson, KS

The Reno County Commission recently approved a $39,500 contract with Aprima Medical Software of Carrollton, Texas, to implement an electronic health record system at the Reno County Health Department.

Last year the department attempted to contract for the service but was unable to reach final agreement with a provider at that time.

Reduction of staff time spent managing billing and an increase to collections are the two main reasons cited to add the electronic records system. The cost for the system is separate from the electronic records system, and is based on the company collecting 5.2 percent of revenues from billing.

Other agencies that use Aprima’s services have said that they see increased revenues between 22 percent and 57 percent.

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