In The News: Philly goes paperless

NEWSWIRE:  September 10, 2016

DATELINE:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To modernize and streamline government, Philadelphia city officials will begin accepting bids and proposals for contracts electronically this fall.  This will free the procurement department of hundreds of boxes of paper bids from businesses seeking city contracts.  

“Our processes are cumbersome and businesses have complained, rightfully so,” says Rebecca Rhynhart, Chief Administrative Officer in charge of the digital overhaul.

They are working to make every aspect of contracting electronic – from the bidding itself to allowing electronic signatures from department heads and vendors. went live Wednesday to allow businesses that want to contract with the city to register online.  In October bids should start appearing online and electronic bidding will start in November, according to Trevor Day, the city’s procurement commissioner.

“In 2017, we are looking to go completely electronic,” says Christine Derenick-Lopez, first deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

One time it took 160 days to complete a public works contract, it has now been reduced to 115 days through efficiencies, Derenick-Lopez said.  90 days is the goal once the procurement system is live.   

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