In The News: Military Health System Postpones New EHR System

NEWSWIRE:  September 8, 2016

DATELINE: United States of America

The Military Health System has deferred the rollout of their new electronic health record system.  Potential changes and modifications prior to release are going to be made.

Over the next 30 days the program office for defense healthcare management systems will examine MHS GENESIS before the system’s initial deployment in the Pacific Northwest.

“We’ve made significant progress developing interfaces, user-approved workflows and technical integration of the baseline operational system currently undergoing required government test processes,” says Stacy Cummings, program executive officer at PEO DHMS. “The team continues to work aggressively to complete development of interfaces, cyber security risk management, user adoption and testing activities.”

Centralized medical and dental records and operaability with select legacy systems of the Defense Department is what the new system is designed to do.  

Read the full article here.

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