In The News: Apple buys Gliimpse

NEWSWIRE:   August 22, 2016

DATELINE:  California

Fast Company reports that Apple has acquired health startup Gliimpse, who aims to allow any American to pull together a comprehensive picture of their health, which they could share with medical professionals.  

The Founder of Gliimpse, Anil Sethi, said that he formed the company out of frustration at the incompatibility of existing Electronic Health Record systems.  

“There’s no single Electronic Health Record that all physicians use,” he states. “Worse, there isn’t even a common file format across 1000+ systems.”  

Apple has been focusing on making health and fitness data available to both consumers and the health industry through Researchkit, CareKit and HealthKit.  According to Sethi, Gliimpse and Apple both share a commitment to privacy.

“Your data is your data,” states Sethi. “We don’t see it.  Gliimpse technology gathers your records, processes the data and continues to build your Gliimpse. Safe, secure, private.”  

There is no way to currently know Apple’s specific plans for the acquisition, but the vision is certainly one that has the potential to be truly transformational. With iOS 10, Apple has already taken one step toward this, allowing users within the Health app to store electronic health records.   

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