In The News: Arkansas turns to the cloud for records preservation

NEWSWIRE: August 8, 2016

DATELINE: Arkansas

Arkansas has one of the oldest archives in the country, with more than 15,000-cubic feet of historic government records, papers, family histories, maps, photographs, arts and artifacts.  

The state has been looking to ingest, preserve, and store its historic documents and resources, as well as try and build a statewide electronic records program.  It is also important to provide public access, including accommodating online visitors.  

“Our challenge was greater given that we didn’t just need a digital preservation system to help safeguard historically valuable records, but also a partner to help us meet the records needs of our state agencies,” Mary Dunn, Arkansas archival manager for Technology and Access, said. 

Arkansas State Archives is using a company called Preservica to ingest, process and preserve state records that have long-term value.  They are currently in the process of defining policies and workflows that will help act as a model for the transfer of records from state agencies. Texas, as well as other states, recently chose Preservica to help access and manage electronic records systems.

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