In The News: Analyzing digital records to assess patient well-being

NEWSWIRE: August 17, 2016

DATELINE: Minnesota and Wisconsin

HealthPartners, is an integrated provider and insurance healthcare organization that serves Minnesota and Wisconsin, is looking to encourage physician conversations with patients about their life satisfaction by creating a measure of patient well-being.

HealthPartners for two decades has been analyzing clinical and claims data to improve how the organization conducts preventive care, promote healthy behaviors to improve healthy outcomes, and manage chronic disease.   The organization is now adding data to improve functional and emotional outcomes.  A survey of 5,000 HealthPartners insurance members showed that not smoking, healthy thinking, modest alcohol use, preventive services, physical activity and adequate sleep are contributing factors that can improve a sense of wellness.  

Adding these factors into HealthPartners electronic health records systems will help make them accessible during a physician visit and will start a conversation that helps physicians better understand their patient’s daily lives and give them suggestions of how they can change certain behaviors.  All the new data from the survey will help identify certain factors in their lives that could lower well-being, and Health Partners has multiple outreach programs that will help those in need.

Read the full article here.

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