In The News: S.C. Medical Association attempts to tackle Electronic health records

Newswire:  August 8, 2016

Dateline:  South Carolina

There could soon be an easier option for electronic records-keeping for members of the South Carolina Medical Association.  

SCMA announced recently that it will be rolling out a set of new analytics tools that will help improve healthcare for the state’s residents.  SCMA represents 6,000 doctors statewide, will rely heavily on interoperability with its new platform, which makes it easier for doctors to share medical information through electronic health record systems.   Gregory Tarasidis, a ear, nose, and throat specialist who helped lead this project for the association explains “that making EHR platforms easier to use was an important goal of the effort.”  

The association still has to sell the platform to its members, but Tarasidis has been working on his sales pitch.

“A lot of doctors have been frustrated working with EHRs to work at their full capabilities,” he explained the benefits of the project.  “My day-to-day life will be better.”

A link to the full article is here.