In the News: Elation Health Receives $15 Million

NEWSWIRE: August 4, 2016

DATELINE: California

Elation Health raised $15 million in new financing to take another crack at electronic health records.

Keeping paper records is slow, hard to transfer and share a lot of information that can be lost along the way.  Even though this is a common issue with many medical practices, there hasn’t been any breakout electronic health records companies.  That’s what Elation Health is trying to change; they raised $15 million to try and win over doctors and physicians.  The company arrived at a decision on an online-based electronic health records system that will remove forms and faxes by being able to share all this data online between patients and physicians – in a private way.  Taking on large companies has been challenging, but by focusing on individual practices and physicians’ relationships, Elation Health will likely succeed.

Read the full article here. The Elation Health site is here.