In The News: California moves on expansion of allowing digitized records in courts

A key bill has passed the California Senate – having already passed the Assembly – that will continue pushing the usage of digitized records forward.

Existing law requires a writing to be authenticated before it can be received in evidence. Existing law defines authentication of a writing as the introduction of evidence sufficient to sustain a finding that it is the writing that the proponent of the evidence claims it is or the establishment of such facts by any other means, as provided. Under existing law a seal is presumed to be
genuine and its use authorized if it purports to be the seal of certain entities including, among other, the United States or a department, agency, or public employee of the United States.

This bill would provide that this presumption applies to a scanned, electronically stored, faxed, photocopied, or other duplicate of a seal.

The details of the bill can be found right here.