ESRA Position on Uniform State Laws

ESRA supports the uniform implementation of e-Signature statutes such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). To the extent that any one state enactment excludes or otherwise limits transactions in a non-conforming manner, electronic commerce is negatively affected on a national level.

Specifically, ESRA supports and encourages:

  • The elimination of impediments to e-Commerce caused by non-uniform enactments of electronic signature statutes;
  • Rules, policies, legislation and/or regulations that reduce confusion and remove legal obstacles to e-Commerce; and
  • The enablement of consumers to conduct business electronically in a fair and informed manner

ESRA opposes laws or rules that impose higher barriers to electronic transactions compared to paper transactions.

Read ESRA’s entire Public Policy Statement on uniform implementation of e-Signature statutes here: Public Policy – Uniform State Laws