ESRA Position on eNotary

ESRA supports state oversight of notarial laws, acknowledges the essential assurances provided by notarial acts, and further believes that these essential assurances can be achieved electronically.

ESRA supports and encourages the nationwide adoption of e-Notarization laws, regulations or standards that:

  • advance, enable and support the adoption and interoperability of electronically enabled notarization in all U.S. states and territories;
  • are technology-neutral; and
  • recognize the opportunity for new technologies to improve the assurance, authentication, security, efficiency, or user experience of notarial acts, while providing valid and reliable documentation. Such technologies may support, for example, remote electronic notarial acts.

ESRA opposes laws or rules that create new or more stringent requirements for e-Notarization when compared to requirements for notarial acts performed on non-electronic media.

ESRA – eNotary Public Policy


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