The White House orders change from paper to electronic records Reply

It’s good news for the future of electronic records and for the environment. Last Friday, August 24th, the Obama administration issued a Memo ordering Federal Agencies to “eliminate paper and use electronic recordkeeping” in handling classified and unclassified records. Agencies must also prove “compliance with Federal Records Management Statutes and Regulations.”

In an attempt to promote higher transparency, efficiency, and accountability, as well as reduce costs, Agencies have until 2019, or less than seven years to ensue the necessary technology and process transformations. Email records will need to be managed in a system that supports litigation requirements and has the ability to “identify, retrieve, and retain the records for as long as they are needed.” In addition, proper training needs to be provided to records management employees.

This is no easy task given not only the costly technology investment that needs to be undertaken but also the need to better understand the applicability and flexibility around electronic records laws, which would enable the ease of implementations by each Agency.

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By Vitoriana Morais, ESRA Communications Director

Press Release – ESRA Launches Speakers Bureau Reply

ESRA Press Release


WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 6, 2012  – The Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA), a Washington, D.C.-based trade association representing electronic signature industry adopters and providers, has launched a Speakers Bureau, as part of an exciting list of initiatives for 2012.

“True electronic transactions, including signing online legally and securely, have closed the last mile in the original ‘paperless’ vision first expressed in the 1980’s.  Rapid adoption of straight-through document-based forms and contracting is reshaping business for the 21st century,” said Bill Brice, ESRA Board member and executive sponsor of the Speakers Bureau.

The Speakers Bureau is proud to have the participation of many leaders providing their vision and perspectives in law, regulations, and technical matters regarding electronic signatures and records in electronic financial services transactions, consumer and business-to-business transactions, cross-border issues, and comparative global e-signature laws just to name a few.

The formation of the Speakers Bureau and the availability of key industry experts from ESRA will be published on the website:, where the public will be able to request a speaker and the organization will provide one based on the topic and geographic location requested.

This new initiative represents the continuing efforts by ESRA members to fulfill its mission by providing members and the public with the most incisive and timely information possible about legal trends, best practices, and an array of industry issues.


ABOUT ESRA: The Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) mission is to be a centralized educational resource for its members and the public with respect to legal, regulatory and operational issues related to the use and acceptance of electronic signatures and records.

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You may download the full release here.